Anything Worth Doing is Worth Overdoing!

Ok! So, using the stitches that I learned last week, I made some stuff! I have all of the panels for my bag for my computer done, and put together. Now I just have to make the straps for it and it’ll be complete. But first I have to get some more of that yarn because I’ve run out!

IMG_0045                      IMG_0048

Because I am enjoying myself so much, I decided to make something wearable, and I knew that I couldn’t make any clothes. I made my girls some scarves with the double crochet that I learned last week and attached the ends so that they stay on.

IMG_0047  Too bad it’s warming up!

I’ve also decided to try something a bit more difficult while using the same double crochet, so I am making my nephew a baby blanket, and my husband’s best friend is expecting a little girl next month, so I’m going to get something made for her. We, my husband and I, were recently in Lincoln to visit and go to a baby shower. We went to a hobby store because I wanted to pick up “some” yarn… I may have gone a LITTLE overboard.


I have plans for all of them! I may be having more fun with this independent learning project than was strictly necessary, and I know that I am going to keep using it. I am enjoying my new hobby, and I’m so glad that I am catching on as well as I am. I hope to have my bag done by next week and G.W.’s blanket going. I also want to make Lillian a sweater, which uses the same double crochet that I’ve been using and is a little bit more advanced than the scarves, but not by much. I also want to start learning new stitches. My goal is to master five more next week in addition to my bag, the blanket, and the sweater.

I am loving this expedition into crafts. It has been a great journey, one that I believe my grandma would be proud of me for having taken. I am buying yarn and looking at patterns. I got a crochet book of patterns, and I bought more crochet hooks. I added a crochet board on Pintrest so that I can go back and see what I like. What started as an assignment is quickly turning into a life long hobby, one that I can share with my children and their children. One that I am coming to love.


8 thoughts on “Anything Worth Doing is Worth Overdoing!

  1. Your crochet skills have me a little jealous– I’ve always wanted to be able to make unique accessories for myself and for my friends. You’ve got a real skill that benefits you and those around you, and that’s definitely something to be proud of. 🙂


  2. These look GREAT! And your blog title made me laugh. This is how I ended up with six cats: if two are nice, six must be so much better! I definitely belong to the school of “anything worth doing is worth overdoing.”


  3. Wow you’re doing awesome! I am so impressed by all your hard work! Keep it up! Your projects are looking better and better I am really starting to think about trying this myself, it looks like fun and you seem to really enjoy it. Good luck keep creating!


  4. Well I just love your project. I am a yarn enthusiast too. I have been using that very same multi colored yarn to make a scarf for my niece. I am also making two puppets for her to attach to teh ends of the scarf. I love crochet. It is so rewarding. I hope you continue to enjoy it.


    1. OOOH, puppets. I hadn’t thought to try that. Of course, Mackenzie, my middle daughter, is afraid of things that covers other people’s hands. But, since this winter, she loves gloves, maybe I can try out a couple of puppets. Thanks for the idea! I love doing it, it’s really relaxing and fulfilling.


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