And yet. . . Underachieving is Okay Too

So, last week I made so much that this week I feel like a slacker! I began George Washington’s (GW) (Named after George Washington Mclintock, a John Wayne character(my dad chose the name)), my nephew’s, baby blanket, but the yarn that I chose was not at all soft once it was weaved together. I decided to go ahead and make my niece, Oktober, a decorative scarf with it and choose another yarn for his blanket. I went with a green and gold yarn because he lives with my parents and my dad is a HUGE Greenbay Packers fan. I think that I’ll go ahead and use that theme with a softer yarn, one especially for baby blankets. I figured it would work for Tobs because she lives with my parents as well.

IMG_0050 I feel like I didn’t do much this week because I only completed one project.
I worked on the straps for my bag, but I’m only about halfway through one of them. I hope to have it completed next week.
I’ve also been looking at more stitches, and I think that I can learn them fairly quickly. I will be attempting them next week and, hopefully, be able to use them to make something new. I have decided to make a lap blanket for my couch with these really pretty black and white balls of yarn that have glittery beads attached. I want to use a new stitch for that, so I need to get to learning more stitches, especially the blanket stitches.
I think that, even though I feel like an underachiever, I did okay this week. My stitches are looking better and better the more that I do. If nothing else, the practice is worth it.

So, next week I want to start my lap blanket, buy new yarn for GW’s baby blanket, and finish my computer bag. I also have this really cute child sized pattern for a cardigan sweater that I want to start with pink and white yarn. I think that little Lillian will look adorable in it!!!! I just hope that I complete all of my goals next week as I didn’t this week.

I am proud of all that I have done and am glad that I’m learning so much. I also have a lot of people to look up to and to learn from, not just crocheting for dummies. I’ve made several connections to crocheting communities online and in my area. I’m still enjoying this, and can’t wait to see the results.


5 thoughts on “And yet. . . Underachieving is Okay Too

  1. Hi for the Tizzy yarn are you having a hard time working with that yarn. I was going to use that yarn and found that I could not follow where my stitches were so I had to stop. Do you have any suggestions. What project are you doing and also what size hooks??? Thanks …. would you mind sharing your first name, you may have mentioned it but I missed it. Thank Happy Crocheting


    1. Oh my gosh! Yes! It was so hard to work with! Right now I am doing a doily with an E (3.5mm) hook, but my lap blanket uses a larger hook (H-8mm). That yarn. . . I had to find my older stitches with my fingers, it was like working blind because they disappear! I think that’s why it’s so skinny. But, it worked out really well. I hope you can make it work for you, because it’s difficult to work with, but it is worth it, because the outcome is awesome.


    2. I forgot to give you my first name. It is, in fact, Yentle. I know it’s weird. It’s a Barbra Streisand movie from the eighties. It’s on Netflix if you want to check it out!!


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