A Good Week

imageOkay, so this week I was pretty ambitious. I finished my bag and learned new stitches. I haven’t started my lap blanket or Lillian’s sweater. I think I’ve made great strides this week and am pretty proud of what I’ve done. This is the Tunsisan stitch. It’s foundation is an Afghan stitch then takes a turn that it is more complex.


The stitches I chose were a bit more difficult than the crochets that I’ve mastered. And I can say I’ve mastered gem and I feel good about it! I learned the basic afghan stitch and I want to try to use it on a blanket eventually, once I’ve mastered it. It’s a bit more difficult and I haven’t fully gotten it down just yet.

image It is a bit more complicated than the crochet stitches I’ve been doing up to this point. While learning it, I realized that I needed a bigger yarn and needle to properly  perform all of the stitches I learned this week. I have both and hope to use these stitches better. Though… Hey look pretty cool in the tie dyed yarn!

image This is an extension of the basic afghan stitch it basically just makes it bigger. It’s pretty complicated when compared to the other stitches I’ve been using. There are a lot more steps in this and I have been trying to figure them out to make this easier to work my way through them.

image This is a puff stitch. It took me so very long to get this one accomplished. I honestly thought that it wasn’t supposed to curve like that! I thought that I was doing something wrong, I mean it has to be wrong right? No. It is supposed to look like this. When I found this out, I got the best idea! I want to make blankets for each of my girls and use this stitch to make butterflies to insert on them, which is something else I figured out this week.

image And finally. . .  the popcorn stitch. It looks pretty complicated, but in fact, it was the easiest one I learned this week. It is just a double crochet stitch with five double crochet stitches in one foundation chain stitch. I was actually pretty surprised at how easy it was. Then I thought, “Oh yeah, I’m great at this!” Then I tried the Afghan stitch and that took way too long. I was very excited to learn this particular stitch because my grandmother used it often. I actually have a blanket that she made using this stitch. I just did one row, and it was really time consuming. She used this stitch on an entire blanket! I know that each stitch is full of love, though, because she began making it for me the day  I was born. She called it my wedding blanket and she gave it to me on my wedding day. It’s a great tradition that she did for every one of my cousins. I like the idea and it’s something that I want to do for my girls and my grandchildren, should I have any.


I had a pretty good week and I’m pretty pleased with all I’ve accomplished. Next week I want to start my black and white lap blanket and start learning more stitches for the sweater for Lillian, and start (hopefully finish) Athena’s (my niece) scarf. It’s been a great hobby, and I hope I can master it.


5 thoughts on “A Good Week

  1. You were very successful this week! I like your idea of making butterflies for your girls’ blankets with the puff stitch. And how special that your grandmother made you a blanket for years upon years– it really is an example of her love for you. You’re making some serious progress! Keep up the good work.


  2. Have you thought about making a youtube videos to show us who to do your new stitches? I am in love with the popcorn stitch….thanks for sharing. I wonder if you have seen the crochet hooks that have a light on the end of them? I have seen them at Hobby Lobby. HAVE FUN!!!


    1. A light? Now I’m going to have to look at that! I don’t know about youtube. But I can make videos and share them on Twitter or embed them in my blog now that I know how. I think that there are a lot of talented crocheters out there, and I can’t compete just yet. . . one day.


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