Yentle Dyas: A Total Bore (According to Google)

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When I googled myself today, I noticed two things. I have quite a bit about me on the internet, and I am boring!

The first thing on the first page of searches is my Twitter page. I was able to use my own name (go figure!), and so it comes up quickly. One of my shares that is on the first Google page, is to my PLN, so I think that looks good to employers.

The next thing that a searcher would see is my Pintrest page, and two of my boards. One of them is my PLN board “Teaching Ideas”. The other is my Mortal Instruments board (It’s my guilty pleasure!). The next thing I saw was my Facebook page, a tag from my photography of my girls. Then, for some strange reason, my Myspace page, which I haven’t been on in over six years. Finally my seldom used Google+ page appears.

I’m surprised that my blog is not on the first page, nor is it on the second. I suppose I am most active on Twitter. I have to use it for two classes, so i am sharing something almost everyday. Next, unsurprisingly, is my Pintrest as I am always pinning something.

From what I see after googling myself, I’m so boring. I share very little of myself online. I looked at images during my search. There is only one of me. i use it for Twitter, Facebook, and Pintrest.

yep, that one!
yep, that one!

A picture of the twins from two years ago and the picture that appeared in the newspaper announcement of their birth were also there.

courtesy of
  courtesy of
courtesy of Developing Memories Photography
courtesy of Developing Memories Photography

The photo used for my paternal grandmother’s obituary is present as well because I was mentioned as one of her survivors. My maternal grandmother (the one who crocheted) had too many grandchildren to list (23 grand children and 25 great-grandchildren at the time (we’re up to 29 greats now))

The second and third Google pages are littered with little articles or just my name from the Telegraph (North Platte’s newspaper). I’ve been on the Dean’s list and the President’s list at both Midplains Community College and University of Nebraska at Kearney. A story about my ceramics class is on google as are the birth announcements of my girls and the announcement of my marriage license and wedding.

I hope that if an employer were to google me, he/she would be impressed. I don’t share much and have some accolades online. But I’m sure that any employer will see what I see. I’m boring.

It should also be noted that Google suggests the Barbra Streisand film, Yentl when someone searches for me. Yes. . .  I am named after it!

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9 thoughts on “Yentle Dyas: A Total Bore (According to Google)

  1. I’ve googled myself before—just for fun. Not a whole lot about me either, except for a few sites that have my times from when I was in track. The more boring you are, the less an employer can use against you, so good for you!


    1. I can honestly say that this is the first time I’ve googled myself. I’m surprised how much I actually have on there, but I’m equally surprised at how little there actually is. But I agree that it would look good to an employer.

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  2. That is so awesome that your PLN was one of the first things to show up in your search, employers will be very impressed! Your pictures are also very adorable, you have beautiful babies 🙂 It sounds like your google search was a success and that there was a lot of good things on you!


    1. I think that they’re pretty great! I’m always glad to hear that others think so too. I always tell people that I could cure cancer and find a way to end world hunger and have world peace yet those accomplishments would never equal my girls. I hope that employers would be impressed with my lack of an online presence, and I for one think that that would look good!


  3. I had never Googled myself before last year. My son wanted to Google me one night, so we did. And I Googled myself when I taught this class for the first time. The weirdest thing to show up was photos of my cats! I mean, I love my cats and I’m proud to use the Internet for what it was surely originally designed for: sharing cat pix! But it’s still weird.


    1. I agree. The internet WAS created for kitty pix and videos. I didn’t find any pictures of my cats or dogs. I thought it was strange that there was only one photo of me, but several of my sister. I had fun with the assignment, and I’m not at all mad that I’m so boring!


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