Doilies and Waiting

Ok, so this week, I wasn’t too terribly ambitious. I have ordered the yarn I need for my black and white sparkly lap blanket and have been waiting for it. While my classes at the University of Nebraska at Kearney have been on spring break, I thought that I could get some projects going really well. However, this didn’t happen. I made only a tie-dye doily. The picture is the doily with my unity candle as I think it requires a large candle because it is a bigger doily and it is the only one that large which I own as I have a lot of tapers, but not any big ones save my christmas candles which are put away and I’m too lazy to pull them out.

I learned a new stitch for it, but I forgot to take a photo as it was exciting to get the slip stitch correct and it looks really boring with just one row.

Any way, the rows go around and around an have a pretty up-turn to the edges, at least I think so. I couldn’t quite get the granny squares down. It’s something that I have to work on. They are supposed to be one of the easiest things to crochet, but my fat and clumsy fingers refused to allow me to perform correctly. But… I will get them, I will make a granny square. My grandmother made an entire blanket of them, all different colors. I remember one of them that is this ugly baby poo green color with a vivid and pretty blue. I never asked why she chose those colors on that particular granny square and now I wish I had. I think the yarns may have been of similar weight and therefore easier to work with together. At least that’s what I think. I don’t have that blanket, one of my aunts does, I believe. So, please don’t think I don’t have any failures and frustrations, because I totally do. I can’t do a granny square yet.

While I was frustrated because I couldn’t make a granny square, I chose an easy doily pattern because I needed a success. And I got one. One with which I am pleased. My girls like it. They play with it and wear it on their heads as a hat. When I tell them it isn’t a hat, but a doily, they say, “No, Mom, it’s a hat.” It’s pretty cute.


Cute, right!!!
Cute, right!!!

Anyway, this week I didn’t do much, but it turned out fun!


3 thoughts on “Doilies and Waiting

  1. The hat is darling….I love it. doilies are the best. They are just ways to pass the time …..if we ever had any time!!! HAha Keep up the good work. One year a few years back I tried to do a potholder a day. It worked for a few weeks but then life happened and I had to cut back. I finished by doing a potholder a month. That was fun. Hang in there.!!


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