Daily Creates Week 3

  • It was easy to figure out, but my food story was about mashed potatoes!
  • March 29: What is the Thinker’s Plan?

I don’t know how it happened. I just sat down to plan a way to beat Athena at chess and all of a sudden, I’m stuck. I must have been close for her to retaliate, though I think I would rather have lost the game.

  • March 30: What is inside room 814?

Gripping her key card in her sweaty hand, Estella stood outside of room 814. Even though she had heard the stories about the room, she’d booked it. As a travel writer for “Great Escapes”, Estella had been to many hotels. This article was for the Halloween edition of her column, “Hotel Escapes by Estella”. She purposely chose a “haunted” room in order to try to “creep up” her column. She didn’t believe in ghosts and didn’t expect anything to come of this. She knew how to embellish things, and would do so after she spent the night in room 814.

Estella entered the room which was cool. Closing the door, she moved to the heating unit. It wasn’t on so she switched it on to warm so as to heat the room a bit. Pulling her camera out of her overnight bag, she took photos of the room, the large, luxurious bed, the enormous copper tub and spectacular shower. The room was amazing. Haunted or not, she was looking forward to trying out the four-poster bed big enough for six.

“Hello?” Estella called. “Is anyone here?”

As she expected, no one answered. Shaking her head and laughing at herself, Estella set up the night vision camera and spoke into it. The video feed, should anything interesting happen, would be displayed on the magazine’s website with the other authors’ videos.

“Well, guys!” she said into the camera. “This is my first night, and if the hotel’s website is any indication, my only night. Room 814 was the site of the suicide of Emily, a young, beautiful girl who can be seen in her wedding gown. Legend has it that on her wedding day, Emily discovered that her fiancé, a young confederate soldier, was gunned down when he was mistaken for a deserter. Emily killed herself in this room, the room she was dressing in. I am leaving this on all night because guests have reported seeing Emily in front of the full length mirror in the corner here,” Estella said pointing to the antique mirror, “looking at her reflection, tears in her eyes. She is also seen standing over the bed when people are sleeping in it. The hotel owners tell me that Emily, in her despair, hanged herself in the bathroom. Tonight, we’ll find out if that’s true!”

Estella winked at the camera and went into the bathroom to take a bath in the huge copper tub.

After a peaceful bath, Estella sighed as she lay down. Tired, she fell asleep quickly, and spent a peaceful, ghost free night in the soft, lake-sized bed.

Back in her office, Estella reviewed her footage from room 814, knowing that there would be nothing on it because she had slept without interruption.

She nearly spit out her coffee when the figure in white passed in front of the camera. Estella watched as the woman with long chestnut hair stood before the mirror. On the audio, she heard the woman’s crying, something she hadn’t heard the night of her stay. The woman, Emily, could be seen through, and she moved to the camera as if curious. She bent and stared into it.

“Ethan,” she said, her voice a whisper. She turned to Estella’s sleeping form. “We’ll get him back.”

She moved to Estella and lay down beside her. “We’ll find him together. . .”

Emily turned to mist and Estella watched in horror as the mist moved into her, disappearing in Estella’s body.

Estella felt herself falling back, moving into the back of her mind, as Emily moved to the forefront. “I’ll find you, Ethan,” she swore in Estella’s voice.

*Emily is based on the resident ghost at Augusta, GA’s Partridge Inn. Emily’s fiancé was killed when he was mistaken for another soldier charged with treason when he was on his way to the wedding. Emily didn’t commit suicide though. She stayed in her wedding dress for days and, as the legend goes, she died of a broken heart. I don’t know the name of her fiancé, so I used one that popped into my head.

  • April 1: A bear plays a harp in the snow- write a story.

A bear plays a harp in the snow. She should be hibernating, but she can’t. Hibernation isn’t in the cards for her.

Bebinn Andraste was a lovely young woman who loved a farmer, Aed Dwyn who loved her in return. A harpist by trade, Bebinn wrote beautiful songs for him.

Jealous of the young lovers and Bebinn’s talent, the goddess, Canola, inventor of the harp, ambushed Bebinn as she walked past a loch, turning her into a bear, forced to stay awake every winter, playing the harp and watching Aed move on and live his life.

For all of eternity, Bebinn plays the harp as a bear, watching the world move past her.

  • April 2: Hindsight isn’t 20/20- write a New Year’s resolution for historical figures that missed the mark.

– Alexander the Great- 323 BC: Name an heir when I get back to Rome.

-Atahualpa- 1532: Meet more people.

-Napoleon- 1812: Invade and take Russia by the end of the year.

-Captan Edward Smith-1912: Don’t wreck another ship.

-Hitler-1940: Do better than Napoleon in Russia.

*Yeah, these are horrible, but still funny. Alexander the Great didn’t name an heir which led to the fall of the Roman empire. Atahualpa was an Aztec chief who met with the Spanish conquistadors and his people were massacred. Napoleon invaded Russia in the winter. Captan Smith wrecked two White Star ships, the first the Olympic in 1911 then Titanic in 1912. Finally, Hitler also invaded Russia in the winter. RUSSIA IS FREEZING IN THE WINTER!!!! You would think they’d have learned that!*

  • April 3: Write your tw-obituary (your obituary in less than 140 characters).

Yentle Dyas, 28, mother of three who wrote terrible blogs and studied hard has died in a freak cup caking accident.

  • April 4: Write a one paragraph story with way too many cliches.

Boomer was a bad egg. He kept coming around like a bad penny. Life wasn’t a bed of roses when he was around and it was like a bull in a china shop. Some people thought he was a diamond in the rough but a good rule of thumb was to stay away from this Jack of all trades, master of none. At Boomer’s shotgun wedding, someone took a shot in the dark and Boomer got a shot in the arm. After this close call, Boomer’s new wife’s lover was caught red handed. Boomer gave his wife the cold shoulder and rode off into the sunset.


5 thoughts on “Daily Creates Week 3

    1. I had a pretty good time with that one. I’m actually finding that I like the Daily Creates even though I wasn’t sure about them. I don’t like to share what I write, but I think others are enjoying it.


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