Podcasts in My Room

I listened to “Serial” and was actually really taken with it! I think that, depending on my classroom situation, it is something that I can use in my classroom. If I end up teaching seventh graders, no, no I wouldn’t use something like this. If I teach older kids, then, yes, this is something I can do.

I love mysteries, and I think that podcasts such as this one are a great way to engage students. I think that in many cases, students are too much like BBC’s Sherlock. .  . “BORED!” Bored students are unhappy, rowdy students. This makes a mad, frustrated teacher. Engaging them with something interesting and fun, is a great way to get students interested, and possibly even reading something that actually has substance (something without sparkling vampires perhaps).

I think that I could have my students do some digital story telling, probably a in the form of a blog. I can tell you that I am having a blast with my blog, and I may just continue it when I am finished with Digital Literacy. I may continue it for my students, my family. Perhaps it is a good way to inspire a love of writing. Perhaps it will inspire a career. I think that digital storytelling, any storytelling really, is a creative way to get students to love reading. I would not be against allowing my students to do podcasts. They are creative, and I enjoy them, so it stands to reason that some of them at least, would enjoy it as well.

I think that digital storytelling, especially podcasts are a strong thing to use in an English/Literacy class because they entertain using storytelling. They keep people engaged and can be used to help teach students to find a love of literature and a desire to read a bit closer, to analyze literature. I think that audio books are easier to work with than a read aloud. I think that podcasts are easy to use and fun for students because some of them do, in fact, have educational value.

According to “What Teens are Learning from’Serial’ and Other Podcasts” the teachers are just as engaged as the students. This is an opportunity to get students and teachers on the same page, to create an environment where both can engage with one another. I like that podcasts are a source for “new ways to discuss the classics”. Now that I know there will be a Crucible inspired podcast, I may just hunt for that as it is one of my favorite plays, and I know that Juniors in high school read it. This would be a great way to give them a new perspective, as it is, according to the article, told from Abigail’s point of view. Something like this may get them involved in classics, which I adore. Some of my favorite novels are classics, some I read for fun in high school when introduced to me by a librarian or an English teacher.

I think that podcasts and other forms of digital storytelling are a fun and exciting way to get students interested in literature. I definitely think that digital storytelling is something that I would use in my classroom, given the right opportunity.


7 thoughts on “Podcasts in My Room

  1. Loved Serial!! I tried to convince my boyfriend to use it in his young adult lit class blog for the week, but he’s not into the mysteries as I am. He’s the one kid who wouldn’t be bored with Sherlock 🙂


    1. I honestly think that it would be fun for his adult lit class, but alas, not everyone likes mysteries. It’s nice that he wouldn’t be bored, but most would be so it’s up to teachers to figure out a way to engage students, and I think that mysteries are a great way to do that. Students can make predictions and work to figure out who the perpetrator is.


  2. You make a really important point here about how engaged both teachers AND students can be. One advantage I see with content like podcasts is that it’s new to teachers too. We need to find more ways to position ourselves in our classrooms as lead learners rather than experts, and engaging with more current content that we may not know everything about/have all the answers to is one way to do that.


    1. I agree. I really think that teachers get bored teaching the same things over and over again, and something like a podcast will be new and exciting for both teachers and students.


  3. You have made a great case for using podcasts in the classroom! Most kids are bored with the books that have been chosen for them in and English class, they seem dry and boring. By using a different medium to communicate they could be introduced to the richness of the literature and learn to appreciate (and even like) it! Great post.


    1. I think that podcasts really have a place in the classroom, that they have some educational merit. I think that it really depends on the classroom. What works for me won’t necessarily work for everyone. I’m glad that you liked it. Thanks.


  4. I am so anxious to use pod-casts in my classroom. They have so many applications. One of the biggest is that it gets kids thinking beyond their family, community and life. I fully agree they have educational merit.


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